is a 24-month Digital Europe Programme project that aims at delivering a targeted, democratic, industry-driven initiative to support European interests in standardisation within the Blockchain/DLT domain, bringing together EU researchers and open standards specialists, along with industry and policy experts. An experienced and well-networked consortium will implement an impact-focused and mature workplan in the interests of the European Blockchain/DLT constituencies and initiatives, tapping into a multi-disciplinary group of experts (funded through a series of 4 recurring Selecting and Engaging Procedures - SEPs) to facilitate streamlined and effective standardisation processes through cooperation and collaboration, which are key features necessary to guarantee continued dialogue from a regulatory, governmental, policy, business and technology perspective.

The expected impacts that the project aims at achieving can be summarised as it follows:

  • Tangible contribution to strengthening the presence of European players in International Blockchain/DLT standardisation.
  • Production of a landscape and gap analysis report on Blockchain/DLT standardisation to specifically contribute to the blockchain chapter as part of the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation.
  • Ensure that Europe remains a central, strategic player in Blockchain/DLT standardisation activities in the major initiatives currently underway in the international SDOs, through the activities of the funded experts.

The lean consortium is coordinated by Trust-IT Srl, an SME with over 15 years of experience in managing complex pan-European projects including, the flagship European ICT standardisation project. Partner COMMpla Srl contributes mature and sophisticated platform technology know-how to provide a rich environment hosting a myriad of Blockchain/DLT standardisation activities. Dublin City University is a major player and emerging technologies standards leader in Standards Working Groups and Technical Communities, as well as educating future standards experts. The team is rounded out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, an innovation research institute with expertise in the interface between R&I and standardisation with teaching skills and works on the impact assessment of blockchain pilots as part of the IMPULSE project.

Selection and Support Procedures for Blockchain/DLT Experts Coming Soon - July 2023

One of the unique features of will be the assembly of a multi-disciplinary group of experts in Blockchain/DLT standardisation, who will receive individual funding grants through a well-tested set of selection and support procedures. Selection and Support Procedures (SSP) will be published periodically on this website, inviting applicants to submit proposals outlining their expert qualifications. Successful applicants (whose place of work must be within the EU) will receive a contract for effort (€450/day) and eligible travel costs. Candidates may propose activities in three different categories:

  • One-shot. This category is typically suitable for one-time support, such as travelling and actively participating to a relevant event. The maximum value of a grant in this category is €3000.
  • Short-term. The duration of activities in this category is three months, with a maximum grant value of €7000.
  • Long-term. Foreseen for activities over a longer horizon, the duration of grants in this category is six months, with a maximum allocation of ten thousand Euros (€10000).

Up to forty successful applications are expected, so monitor this site (even better, sign up for our notifications) for news about the next Selection and Support Procedures to make your proposal!

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