European Blockchain Observatory & Forum - Decentralised Social Media Report

European Blockchain Observatory & Forum - Decentralised Social Media

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum just released the comprehensive report titled "Decentralized Social Media". This highly anticipated report delves into the emerging landscape of decentralized social media platforms, offering a deep analysis of their impact, challenges, and potential within the digital space.

The report, titled "Decentralised Social Media" investigates the intricate workings of social media platforms, shedding light on the diverse approaches to decentralisation. Notably, the report distinguishes between projects rooted in the free software movement and those integrating blockchain solutions. While both share the goal of decentralisation, their philosophies differ significantly.

The report not only explores different decentralisation approaches but also provides an insightful overview of the key distinctions between traditional centralised social media platforms and the proposed decentralised alternatives. In conclusion, decentralised social media is currently in the early stages of its technological evolution, characterized by a myriad of experimental initiatives. While showing immense promise, the long-term success of these applications remains uncertain.

The report is now available for download on the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum's website.