INATBA Workshop - Joining Forces for Blockchain Standardisation (4th Edition)

INATBA Workshop Standardisation

In a world where diverse, ever-evolving standards shape the blockchain landscape, the European Commission and INATBA join forces once again in the 4th edition of Joining Forces for Blockchain Standardisation. This annual gathering isn’t just about preventing redundancy; it’s a call for global unity. Here, we bridge borders, connecting worldwide projects, standardisation communities, and members of the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP). It’s a testament to our European values, but more importantly, a resounding declaration of our commitment to international collaboration. Through panels and fireside chats, the conference will address progress and ongoing challenges while highlighting the critical role of harmonised global standards in ensuring the widespread success of blockchain technology. 

The event, held on December 5, 2023, brought together global leaders, projects, and standardisation communities to discuss progress, challenges, and the pivotal role of harmonised global standards in the blockchain landscape.

John Favaro from Trust-IT took the stage to present SEEBLOCKS project accomplishments and future endeavors. Favaro's insightful presentation delved into the initiatives undertaken by SEEBLOCKS thus far, offering a comprehensive overview of the project's contributions to the blockchain ecosystem.

For those who missed John Favaro's presentation, a recording is available for viewing.




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