Enhancing citizens' lives through Blockchain - Insights from SEEBLOCKS.eu Public Consultation


SEEBLOCKS is proud to announce that the results of its first public consultation are now online on Zenodo. The Public Consultation has long been an important component of European Commission (EC) policy, supporting the Commission’s commitment to transparency and inclusiveness for all those citizens and stakeholders affected by its decisions. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) form the basis of some of the most ambitious and forward-looking EC policies to enhance the lives of its citizens, from Identity Management to sustainable supply chains and improved interaction with public administrations. The motivation behind the SEEBLOCKS.eu Public Consultation was to hear from stakeholders of all kinds about their requirements, concerns, and even just their opinions.

The public consultation collected insights from over fifty respondents on a wide range of topics. Well over half of the respondents were not primarily active in the Blockchain/DLT domain, so SEEBLOCKS.eu had the opportunity to receive thoughtful comments on this cutting-edge technology from a broad diversity of perspectives. Many respondents expressed a concern that the technology, even after several years, is still not well understood and appreciated in business and society. But the expert respondents were in full agreement on one point: education along with open standards and interoperability is vital to ensure that the technology can be implemented in a transparent, fair manner that levels the playing field for businesses and reassures citizens that European values of secure, human-centred digital services are preserved. 
Read the full report and see and appreciate the full depth and breadth of our first public consultation!