Have you missed or would like to rewatch our webinar on Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policies and Services? Get access to the recording and the slides!


On Friday, May 3rd, SEEBLOCKS.eu organised a webinar entitled ‘Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policies and Services’ and focused on the implementation of Blockchain technology in the public sector and the consequent necessity and importance of Standardisation in the field.

As Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and permeating more and more of our lives, not only being implemented in the public sector but also the public one, it has become of utmost importance that we promote standardisation. Blockchain is offering unforeseen and innovative solutions and to ensure a secure diffusion we must guarantee interoperability and alignment with regulatory framework and policy objectives.

During our webinar moderated by Knut Blind - Head of Business Unit Innovation & Regulation at Fraunhofer ISI (Presentation), we invited three experts in the field of Blockchain that discussed various interesting topics that became subjects of active discussion. Dong Hyu Kim - Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Technology Management University of Glasgow, discussed the different approaches to blockchain standardisation between the USA and the EU outlining the geopolitical manoeuvring behind each decision.   
Bokolo Anthony Junior - Senior Researcher at Institute for Energy Technology & Associate Professor at Østfold University College, presented the role of standardisation in Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) for Interoperable Data Integration and Alignment in Sustainable Smart Cities. Finally, Rene Lindner - Head of Smart Cities Standard Forum at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung, discussed Blockchain Standards for Identity Management in Public Services.

The recording is now available online on our YouTube channel at the link below   


The slides are also available online on Zenodo at the link below