Ash Costello is a legal expert licensed to advise on UK, Irish, and US law. She is specialised in fields such as Fintech, Blockchain, Technology, Web3, AI, Data Governance, Privacy/Encryption, and Digital Assets. In particular, in her fintech practice, Ash focused on the intricacies of technology and digital regulations, encompassing a spectrum of directives and acts like DORA, Digital Markets Act, and Digital Services Act.

With a profound grasp of encryption technologies, Ash advises on sophisticated anonymization and pseudonymization solutions, from Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to Secure Multi-Party Computations (SMPCs). She guides blockchain protocols with on-chain and off-chain and on-ramp and off-ramp methods, FATF recommendations, the ‘Travel Rule’, and digital identities.

Ash advises on data protection and privacy laws, spanning the EU, UK, and US, including GDPR, e-privacy (PECR), CLOUD Act, and various other legislative frameworks. Her expertise extends to state-level consumer privacy laws like California's CCPA. As a member of the Expert Panel of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, Ash contributes to shaping European Commission policies on blockchain technologies. She also serves on the Editorial Board of Citywealth’s 'Crypto Report'.