Caroline Thomas is an innovator, founder, and board advisor renowned for her expertise in standardisation of emerging technologies and international standards development. Having served as the former Global Director of Innovation at Barclays Bank and the Global Digital Transformation lead at American Express, Caroline thrives on driving innovation and fostering collaboration across sectors.

She has contributed to ISO, BSI, and StandICT Fellows and has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of emerging technologies. She has played pivotal roles as a Co-Editor of the EU Observatory ITC Standardisation, focusing on Artificial Intelligence trust in the European digital space, and as a Co-Editor of ISO TR 3242 and Convenor of ISO TR 6277 and ISO TR 6039, all centred around Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

One tip for someone working in emerging technology and technology transfer...
Collaborate, network and tap into the global experts through special interest groups (technical, business, funding sources, accelerators)
I’m interested in because...
SEEBLOCK enables learning and sharing my knowledge and experiences, to facilitate accessible and faster adoption of DLT/Blockchain by leaders in their field.