Sudha is an Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect at Citi. She plays a pivotal role in driving data protection security architecture. Sudha guarantees the protection of Citi's business assets and interests, providing well-informed alternatives.

Her expertise lies in developing data protection strategies, particularly in intricate areas such as cryptography, key management, distributed architectures, and cloud security.

Drawing on her international reputation and active participation in senior leadership circles, Sudha stays dedicated to ongoing learning and progress within the cybersecurity domain. She advocates for workplace fairness and fosters the growth of skilled technologists through mentorship initiatives at Citi, where she also serves as a Women in CyberSecurity Ambassador.

What would you say to leaders in your field about emerging blockchain and DLT standards?
Build on top of good baseline and foundational security Architectural principles
When I glimpse the future, the most exciting things made possible by technology includes...
The processing power, the way gestures can be used to record information and blockchain becomes the core platform of trust for all automated learning and artificial intelligence. Because the distributed and ledger by design has this scalability included.