Dr. Trevor Clohessy is a seasoned lecturer and researcher with a rich background spanning over two decades. He has served in various academic and research capacities at prestigious institutions, including the University of Galway, the Atlantic Technological University, and private organizations like Blockdaemon, City Colleges, and Chartered Accountants Ireland. His expertise is not limited to academia; Dr. Clohessy has a solid foundation in research, exploring the frontiers of technology with Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) entities such as Lero and Biorbic, in addition to collaborating with a range of large and SME private enterprises. 

Currently, Dr. Clohessy holds a lecturing position in the School of Engineering at the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Galway City where is also a member of the OSCAR and Transcend research groups. His teaching portfolio includes cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, blockchain technology, business analytics, Tableau, Power BI, decision theory, data visualization, and application development. In addition to his academic and research endeavors, Dr. Clohessy plays a pivotal role in the blockchain community as the chair of the Blockchain Ireland Education, Skills, and Innovation Working Group. This position underscores his commitment to fostering education, skill development, and innovation within the blockchain sector, further amplifying his impact on technology and education both in Ireland and beyond.

I’m interested in because...
I’m interested in because it offers a unique platform for professional development, allowing me to learn and share knowledge about blockchain technology, which aligns with my personal and career interests in this rapidly evolving field.
What would you say to leaders in your field about emerging blockchain and DLT standards?
Emerging blockchain/DLT standards must balance innovation with security, ensure interoperability, and align with global regulatory trends.