Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policies and Services


Purpose & Scope

Blockchain technology is rapidly permeating our societies and industries, offering many potential applications across diverse fields. As its adoption grows, it becomes imperative to promote its standardisation to promote its diffusion further but also to assure interoperability and alignment with the regulatory framework and policy objectives. As we navigate the complexities of blockchain development, it's essential to balance technical advancements with customers’ needs and ethical considerations to realise its full potential in shaping our digital future.

Experts in blockchain are actively exploring ways to integrate this decentralised ledger technology for the benefit of private enterprises, spanning industries such as finance, food, and pharmaceuticals. However, the advantages of blockchain extend beyond corporate interests, benefiting the general public through initiatives aimed at creating smart cities and enhancing public services.

In our upcoming webinar, our panellists will discuss the different purposes and practices of standardisation on the global stage with a focus on the differences between the USA and the EU. In particular, they will delve into the significance of blockchain standardisation in public services, highlighting its role in accelerating the digitisation process, reducing data flow, and fostering the development of smarter, more sustainable urban environments. Finally, when debating technology and the public sector, it is of utmost importance that discussions about blockchain technology are complemented by considerations of its social implications, ensuring the formulation of fair and balanced standards. This crucial topic will be also tackled in our webinar and will for sure spark a discussion that will take place at the end of the event under the supervision of our moderator.

Who should attend?

  • Policy Makers involved in Standards and ICT technical specifications 
  • Public Administration offering public services
  • Large, Medium and Small Enterprises across different types of businesses
  • Vertical Industries
  • Public Research Organisations and Higher Education Institutes
  • Standard Development Organisation & Certification Bodies 





11.00 - 11:05

Greetings & Introduction 

Knut Blind - Head of Business Unit Innovation & Regulation at Fraunhofer ISI (Presentation)

11: 05 - 11:20 

Geopolitical Manoeuvring in Blockchain Standardization: A Comparative Analysis of the EU and U.S. Approaches

Dong Hyu Kim - Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Technology Management University of Glasgow

11:20 - 11:35 

A Framework for Standardization of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Interoperable Data Integration and Alignment in Sustainable Smart Cities

Bokolo Anthony Junior - Senior Researcher at Institute for Energy Technology & Associate Professor at Østfold University College

11:35 - 11:50

Blockchain Standards for Identity Management in Public Services

Rene Lindner - Head of Smart Cities Standard Forum at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung

11:50 - 11:55



11:55 - 12:00 

Final remarks