'Blockchain and Emerging Standards' at the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

On May 27th 2024, from 11:00-13:00 GMT, will be organising a workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency held at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

During the sixth edition of the International conference, sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, technical symposia, tutorials, industry panels and exhibitions will be hosted, with different authors presenting their proposals and papers and sharing with the attendees the latest findings in the area of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the event will feature some full-day workshops. at the Event

The content of the " Blockchain and Emerging Standards" workshop, organised by on May 27th between 11:00 AM and 01:00 PM, draws from the results and experience gained within the project, a Digital Europe Programme project that aims at delivering a targeted, democratic, industry-driven initiative to support European interests in standardisation within the Blockchain/DLT domain, bringing together EU researchers and open standards specialists, along with industry and policy experts.

Blockchain standardisation is a critical aspect of the evolving blockchain landscape, aiming to establish uniformity, interoperability, and security across diverse blockchain networks. This tutorial explores the fundamental concepts and key objectives of blockchain standardisation, providing a comprehensive overview of the standards that underpin this revolutionary technology. 

Participants will gain insights into the significance of standardisation for fostering trust, promoting innovation, and facilitating widespread adoption in various industries. Moreover, the participants will benefit from an insider’s perspective on the very recently published ISO/TR 6277:2024 Data flow models for DLT use cases, co-edited by the instructor Fiona Delaney (member of consortium). Fiona Delanay and Irina Tal - Assistant Professor in Computing and Academic Lead MSc in Blockchain at Dublin City University, will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to submit a new use case to the ISO 24878 new and emerging blockchain use cases. Other opportunities and ways to get involved in the realm of Blockchain standardisation will be discussed as well.