workshop at ETHDublin 2024 Hacking ETHDublin - How to meet the standard

Dogpatch Labs CHQ building, Dublin, Ireland
Alt is proud to announce its participation and sponsorship of the ETHDublin 2024 Event in Ireland which will be held between May 31st and June 2nd. 

ETHDublin aims at fostering Ireland's tech culture gathering investors, builders and designers globally to tackle industry challenges using Web3 technology. Ireland has become a hub for blockchain innovation and investment, and ETH Ireland, in collaboration with partners like Blockchain Ireland and Dogpatch Labs, seeks to enhance this growth through accelerators, education, conferences, and hackathons. at the Event

On May 31st, during the first day of the event, the Strategy lead Fiona Delaney will hold a workshop entitled: “Hacking Eth.Dublin - How to meet the standard” between 08:16 PM and 09:00 PM. 

Eth.Dublin will be taking an open standard approach in support of the teams and Web3 innovators. For this occasion Template resources form ISO24878 New and emerging blockchain use cases study will be utilised as the basis of Eth.Dublin reporting for all teams. Fiona Delaney during the workshop will provide a how-to guide on submiting a use case to the ISO 24878 new and emerging blockchain use cases using these resources and will be assisting teams, mentors, and judges, while the teams elaborate their ideas. These resources support key themes at Eth.Dublin including "Technical Competence" and "Innovation and Business Sustainability" and will provide a consistent framework for teams designing and delivering on their 'hacking goals', and facilitate comparison across all submissions for mentors and judges to determine performance across prize and bounty categories. 

Finally, Fiona will also give an intro to the project to blockchain innovators and will provide feedback to the ETHDublin organisers/judges on the quality of the teams' submissions.  

While you wait for the event to happen, you can check out the ISO/TR 6277 2024 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies — Data flow models for blockchain and DLT use cases available on our Visualisation Tool.