WEBINAR: Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) & Blockchain - New era of trustworthy environment within Web 3.0


Purpose & Scope

Within Blockchain, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a framework for creating a secure connection between the server and the client in an unsecured network. PKI has long secured the internet but it comes with significant security and resilience challenges and concerns, specifically in the world of web 3.0, the era where we are today. This is when Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKIs) come into play.

The main idea for DPKIs is the ability to establish trust relations between all parties, in a web-of-trust model, avoiding centralized authorities and related root-of-trust certificates. It utilises a consensus algorithm operated over many different machines and replicated by many different entities in a decentralized (blockchain) network, improving operational efficiency, resilience and above all, the security of critical infrastructure across the globe.

This webinar will bring to the table the latest research and standardization steps in DPKI that are being put in place by European experts in making Europe a global leader in blockchain-based / decentralized digital identity, bringing a positive impact across different fields, namely on cybersecurity, Identity management and access control.



Who should attend?

  • Policy Makers involved in Standards and ICT technical specifications 
  • Large, Medium and Small Enterprises across different types of businesses
  • Vertical Industries
  • Standard Development Organisation & Certification Bodies    

Why attend? 

  • Become familiar with the importance of DPKI;
  • Explore what is being done regarding standardisation within DPKI
  • Understand how digital identities are being secured in the web 3.0



Presentation Title


11:00 - 11:08Welcome & SEEBLOCKS.eu OverviewGabriela Rogowska, Trust-IT Services
11:08 - 11:23ITU-T X.509 Public-key infrastructure based on blockchain (DPKI)Erik Andersen, Andersen's L-Service & SEEBLOCKS.eu expert
11:23 - 11:38The Power of Many: Securing Organisational Identity Through Distributed Key ManagementRaimundas Matulevicius, University of Tartu & CHESS project
11:38 - 11:53Next steps in standardization of W3C DIDsMarkus Sabadello, Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) & SEEBLOCKS.eu expert
11:38 - 12:00ClosureGabriela Rogowska, Trust-IT Services