Webinar - Women in ICT Standardisation, third edition

WOMEN in ICT standards Feb2024

The Women in ICT Standardisation webinar brings together leading voices in the field of European standardisation. This year, StandICT.eu is proud to join forces with five other EU-funded projects, being one of them SEEBLOCKS.eu, dedicated to advancing European standardisation activities.

Sudha Iyer, a member of SEEBLOCKS.eu Strategy Board Members, is representing SEEBLOCKS.eu in the list of panellists.  Sudha is Senior Vice President Enterprise Cybersecurity Architecture at Citi and will give a presentation on how to protect digital assets on blockchain for businesses.

Purpose & Scope

The main objective of this 90min webinar is to discuss and highlight the key gender gaps in ICT standardisation, with a particular focus on the 8 policy priorities identified by the European Commission (EC) in the Annual Union work programme (AUWP) for European standardisation. The webinar aims to:

  1. Analyse the main obstacles and problems that persist in ICT standardisation;
  2. Discuss and analyse the main results and achievements obtained at the European and International level in promoting equity and inclusion in this field;
  3. Provide examples of practices and experiences empowering the role of women in standards development organisations and technical committees in the ICT domains;
  4. Give a general overview of the main gender gaps in the 8 policy priorities identified under the AUWP.


Esteemed representatives from various European and International Standards Developing Organisations will animate the debate over the webinar. The speakers have been selected based on their expertise and experience in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of ICT Standardisation, as well as their contributions to the development of standards in the respective ICT technological domains.

  • Silvana Muscella - Trust-IT Services CEO & StandICT.eu 2026 Coordinator - Event Moderator
  • Rim Belhassine-Cherif - Chair of Network of Women in ITU-T  ITU-T activities on promoting gender equality in standardisation 
  • Isabella De Micheli (ISO, Stand4EU) EU Trusted Data Framework*
  • Paola Sabatelli Amato - (HSbooster.eu & StandICT.eu) Hydrogen technologies
  • Lluïsa Marsal Llacuna - Intelligenter, (ISO CEN-Cenelec, IEC, ITU, BlockStand.eu) Virtual Worlds
  • Sandra Feliciano - Head of Research Engagement - AI & Cybersecurity at MENAPS, (ISO, IPQ, CEN-CENELEC, HSbooster.eu) Cybersecurity
  • Sudha Iyer - CITI Protecting Digital Assets on Blockchain for your Business
  • Marzia Bolpagni - Head of BIM International, Associate Director at Mace, UNI Improve the greening and climate resilience of buildings and construction materials
  • Paloma Llaneza - (CEN, ETSI, ISO, IEC) EU digital Identity Framework

*The title of each session is still provisonal and subject to modification.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this webinar includes ICT Specialists and Professionals under the main Digital Single Market & Digital Europe domains, Standard Developing Organisations' representatives, Members of Research Institutes working in ICT Standard Development, Representative of National Standards Associations, general audience and civil society organisations involved in the promotion of women in STEM disciplines and education.